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Do you accept Debit/Interact or Credit Cards?

In order to keep our prices low, we need to keep our overhead costs low as well.  "Point of Sale" machines (including "the square") are very expensive to rent and there is an additional charge (a percentage of the actual transaction amount). 

NEW!  How do time-slot reservations work?

  1. ALL CLASSES require online booking or a message to the instructor.

  2. A minimum of 4 bookings is required in order for a class to run.

  3. The deadline for 6:00am class minimums is 10:00pm the prior evening

  4. The deadline for late afternoon and evening class minimums is 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of class.

  5. Class cancellations will be posted on our facebook page and a system generated email will be sent to those who booked, advising that their reservation has been deleted.

  6. Make your payment (or payment arrangements) or ensure that you have credits in your booking account before you reserve.

  7. Please click on the "Reservation" link in the heading of our webpage.

  8. Clicking the button will open a new page where you will be required to login or set up a free account (for new users) to make reservations.

  9. Your reservation will be reviewed by admin to confirm your prepaid status.

  10. You will receive an email advising that you reservation has been confirmed.

  11. You have 10 hours prior to the start of class to CANCEL your reservation, otherwise your payment will not be refunded or credited to your account.  

  12. You have up to 30 minutes prior to the start of class to make your online reservation.

  13. Reservations cannot be made more than 1 week into to future, a maximum of 1 registrations/day/class to allow others a chance to reserve a slot.

What is the minimum age to attend classes?

Attendees need to be at least 12 years of age.  Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult, unless previously approved by the manager. 

I'm REALLY out of shape and embarrassed about my body.  Is there a class that would suit me?

All of our classes state the level of fitness that they are geared for.  Our instructors are very friendly and helpful and always provide modifications for beginners, or for those who don't feel quite up to working as hard in any given session.  The atmosphere is very supportive, encouraging and it's not unusual for people to make new friends at our classes.

I'm worried about my shoulder/back/knee or have other pain.  Can I still attend?

Depending on the class you're interested in attending and the specific issue  you have with a body part, you may still be able to attend.  We STRONGLY encourage you to contact us ahead of time so we can discuss it with you to ensure we can meet your needs.  Unfortunately, sometimes pain is a way of the body telling us that we need to rest for awhile or we need to seek medical attention.

Do you have lockers and showers?

There are no lockers and showers. There are bathrooms and a small change room available for your use.

Do I have to bring any equipment?

We have all the equipment you will need for your classes.  We also supply fresh clean towels for sweaty workouts.  Just bring plenty of water as we are expecting you to sweat!   

Can I bring my children with me to sit while I attend a class?

We strongly encourage you to come on your own.  This time is for you and not for you to be distracted by your children.  We understand the difficulty and expense associated with childcare.  On the rare occasion, the instructor may allow you to bring them depending on whether or not they may disturb the other class participants.

Do you have wifi?

Why do you need wifi?  You're here to exercise! Put the electronics away!

Still have a question?  Send us an email!


Be On-Time

Ensure that you have enough time to change your shoes and set up your equipment, before class starts.

at the Front Desk

We need to have an accurate record of attendance so we can ensure our instructors are being paid their fair share.

Soft Voices

When you arrive, there may be another class just ending.  Please speak quietly so as not to disturb or distract the class participants.

Stay for the Full Class

The cool-down and stretching component of the class is just as important and the warm-up.  We tend to stretch a little longer than most studios, however extended stretching will help to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness the next day and assist in recovery.

Personal Hygeine

You are exercising in close proximity to other class-mates and often breathing deeply.  Make sure that your clothing is laundered and you've applied a personal deoderent.   Also, please refrain from excessive use of perfumes and body sprays.  An overpowering scent can also affect your neighbour.

Clean Indoor Shoes

For safety and insurance reasons, indoor ONLY shoes are mandatory for all classes with the exception of YOGA.  If your class does not require weights or spin bikes, you may participate in bare feet (not socks) at the discretion of the instructor.  

Yoga - Bare Feet Only

Shoes shred and destroy the mats and sock feet will not give you the traction that you need to hold some poses or to transition between them.  Our mats are cleaned with a home-made solution of distilled water, witch hazel, tea tree essential oil (a natural disinfectant), lavender essential oil and lemongrass essential oil.

Clean Your Equipment

Please be sure to fully clean your equipment with the provided cleaners and cloths for the next users.  Yoga mats are to be left lying flat to dry and the instructor will roll them up or put them away.

Cell Phones

Please turn off or mute your cell phones and put them away.  If you are "on-call" or expecting an very important call, please advise the instructor before the class begins.

Aches, Pains & Strains

It is your responsibility to ensure that you advise the instructor or any aches, pains or strains prior to the start of class.  This is so that they can keep a special eye on your form and to offer you modifications to prevent further injury.


We respectfully request that you direct any concerns or complaints directly to the instructor or the owner.  There are many ways to get a hold of us; in person, messenger, phone, text message and email.  We are committed to being proactive about our customer service and greatly appreciate the opportunity to resolve any issues you may have. 

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